Archived Webinars

All archived webinars are located on our TAMU Rangeland, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management YouTube. Paid webinars are not available until one year after the live webinar is conducted.

Fence Law

Dr. Tiffany Lowell Lashmet on October 1, 2020

Texas fence law is an area of much importance and inaccurate information. This webinar will offer an overview of Texas fence law and highlight how the law applies to common issues such as livestock versus auto collisions on the road way, estray livestock, neighbor fencing disputes, and more.

Dr. Tiffany Lowell Lashmet on October 1, 2020

What Vine is Growing on Your Fence?

Dr. Barron Rector on July 2, 2020

A vine is any plant with a growth habit of trailing or having a mechanism for climbing using twining stems, adventitious clinging roots, twining petioles, and use of tendrils and even adhesive pads. The webinar will address how woody vines grow and vines that can be found as pests growing on Texas fences. Managing unwanted vines will be addressed through an integrated pest management approach detailing what we know works or does not work.

Plant-Animal Interactions

Dr. Robert Lyons on June 4, 2020

The Plant/Animal Interactions webinar will deal with what grazing and browsing animals want, how range animals learn what to eat, how animal anatomy affects what animals eat, and livestock/wildlife competition.

Beyond the Bobwhite

Dr. Maureen Frank on February 6, 2020

Northern bobwhites are a popular species in Texas, and for good reason. But there is a whole suite of grassland and shrubland bird species that can benefit from good grazing practices. In this webinar, we will learn to identify some key rangeland bird species, how to monitor birds on your land, and how to manage for their habitat.

Using Drones in Agriculture

Dr. Megan Clayton on October 3, 2019

Drones have become popular for both recreational and commercial use, but how could you most effectively use them for your ranching operation? This webinar will cover different types of drones for sale, features to look for, and rules you must follow depending on your situation and purpose.

How Grasses Grow

Dr. Morgan Treadwell on August 1, 2019

Nearly every single native, perennial grass species reproduces through vegetative reproduction, or from belowground buds. This webinar will help you enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of grass development strategies and how potential aboveground disturbances can promote or hinder future vegetative production.