The formerly known Texas Range Webinar Series has transitioned to the Rangeland, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management (RWFM) Stewardship Series. We will continue to host monthly webinars on the first Thursday of every month at noon CST. Topics will consist of rangeland science, wildlife management, and aquaculture. Each webinar will qualify for 1 General CEU from the Texas Department of Agriculture for Pesticide License applicators, unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming webinar: June 3, 2021 @ noon CST

Top 10 Most Threatening Brush and Weeds in Texas

Dr. Barron Rector

Associate Professor and Extension Range Specialist

Department of Rangeland, Wildlife, & Fisheries Management

Texas A&M University

If you asked rangeland managers what the worst plant is that people work with, you would hear a thousand different answers. But the word “threatening” is key. A threat can take on many different forms such as to the water cycle and promotion of clean air and water, to the livestock industry with illness, mortality, and market fluctuations, opportunistic and potentially monoculture forming, uncontrollable by current knowledge and methodology, unaffected by prescribed burns or wildfires, or on the federal or state invasive and noxious plant lists.  But, sometimes, the most threatening weed and brush species are those that you do not know the name of, thus you can’t look them up or prepare a plan of attack because you walk by them not knowing they are a threat. The worst threatening plant could also be the misidentified plant on iNaturalist and you select the wrong management tool and actually make the situation worse.   During this webinar, participants will not only learn how invasive brush and weeds can threaten rangelands, but also tips and tricks to identifying the top weed and brush species in Texas.

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