Pasture Weed Management

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A common pasture management problem faced by most hay and/or livestock producers is weed and brush infestation. Weed species effectively compete with more desirable forage species for sunlight, moisture, and soil nutrients. Whether herbaceous or woody species, if enough weeds are present in the pasture, the carrying capacity is decreased, the nutritive value of the forage base is reduced, and input costs of the production system are increased. The result is that profitability is reduced or losses are increased. The best strategy is to be proactive and scout pastures early in the growing season(s) to determine the level of infestation and whether weed control will be required. In this webinar, we will learn the best management strategies for tackling herbaceous and woody weed species in pastures and hay meadows.


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Date and Time

November 1, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST


Dr. Vanessa Corriher Olson
Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
Soil and Crop Sciences
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

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