Is Our Water Clean

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Is Our Water Clean? Keeping Herbicides Out of Our Streams

This webinar will disclose the importance of water quality to Texas by highlighting the path to water impairment, causes of impairment, and show how many water bodies are impaired.  We will look at how improper pesticide use leads to nutrient impairment in water bodies and easy things you can do to improve your water quality!  This webinar will conclude with an update on recent news related to nutrient regulations you should know.


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Date and Time

June 5, 2014
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST


Mike Marshall
Extension Associate
Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources
Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources

TDA Credit

.5 Ag. Pesticide CEU (Integrated Pest Management)
.5 Ag. Pesticide CEU (Drift Minimization)