Upcoming Webinars

2021 RWFM Stewardship Webinar Series

August 5, 2021

Noon CST

The Prairie Project: Coupling Fire and Grazing

Dr. Laura Goodman

Grasslands and savannas worldwide are an imperiled biome—particularly as a result of woody plant encroachment (WPE), increasingly extreme climatic conditions, and more frequent and intense wildfires. This is especially true for the Great Plains of the United States. We contend here that the widespread adoption of pyric herbivory (the synergistic application of fire and grazing) and mixed-species grazing (cattle and goats) would not only make grasslands and savannas more resilient to environmental change but also enhance the profitability of livestock production systems. These management strategies control woody plants, enhance forage quality, and increase animal production. Although this new management paradigm holds tremendous promise, it has not been widely adopted because of cultural constraints. Saving the remaining grasslands in the Great Plains and elsewhere will require a widespread shift in cultural norms—facilitated by targeted government incentives and a coordinated program of regional research, extension, and education.

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September 2, 2021

Noon CST

Dr. Maureen Frank

Natural Resource Tourism with Wildlife

This webinar will help connect people to their local natural resources by emphasizing wildlife tourism opportunities, natural resources, tourism business, and social sciences to develop appropriate prospects for managing recreation and tourism enterprises. Opportunities like building backyard bird habitat to encouraging youth to become leaders through hunting experiences will be covered. Dr. Frank will help non-landowner birders understand the value of sustainable working lands, and landowners explore the benefits of bird ecotourism.

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October 7, 2021

Noon CST

Jenny Pluhar and Frank Price

Stewarding Rangelands

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November 4

Noon CST

Common Mistakes When Managing Aquatic Vegetation 

Brittany Chesser

Management of aquatic vegetation species varies greatly from terrestrial plant management and has many unique considerations including water chemistry and water flow. This presentation will address common mistakes that are made when mechanically, biologically, or chemically managing algae or aquatic plants which may negatively impact a pond’s ecosystem or result in ineffective treatment. After covering mistakes, correct management practices will be outlined to ensure participants are armed with the knowledge to make informed management decisions regarding aquatic vegetation in the future.

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December 2, 2021

Noon CST

Larry Redmon

Big Picture: Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management                  

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