If you are watching a webinar for CEU credit, it is very important that you log into Adobe Connect with your full name as your display name and type in your email address once in the webinar (the same that you registered with). Otherwise, it is difficult for us to determine that you have watched the webinar and we might miss giving you the credit you have earned. Thank you!Updated on February 4, 2016 at 1:52 pm

Information for County Extension Agents

County Extension Agents may use these webinars for professional development or as part of a local county program.

Rules for Earning CEUs

  • Watch the webinar a minimum of 50 minutes.
    You are encouraged to enter a live webinar early to reduce the risk of dropping below 50 minutes due to technical difficulties.

Registration Exemption

  • County Extension Agents are exempt from registration.
    We will use the name that you logged into the webinar to query the TDA roster of license agricultural pesticide applicators. If found, you will be issued a certificate of completion and your name will automatically be added to our monthly roster to TDA.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion are awarded after ensuring that the rules above were met. No further action is required on the part of the participant to receive a certificate.

The certificates are emailed once a month to the address that you provided in Centra.

  • If you watched a recorded webinar, expect your certificate to be in your inbox the business day after the next live webinar (See a full schedule).
    For example: if you watched a recorded webinar in January, the certificate will be sent the day following the February webinar.
  • If you participated in the live webinar, expect your certificate to be in your inbox the following business day.

The from email address is essmextension@tamu.edu. Please add it to your address book. Otherwise, the email may be marked as junk or spam.

Limits on CEUs Earned Online

TDA has capped the amount of CEUs applicators are allowed to earn online.
Information as of 3/5/12 – Visit TDA website

  • Private Applicator — Maximum of 10 CEUs online
    Licensed private applicators are required to recertify every five years by obtaining 15 continuing education credits, including two (2) credits in laws and regulations and two  credits in integrated pest management (IPM), prior to expiration of the license.
  • Commercial/Non-Commercial Applicator — All 5 every other year
    Commercial applicators must renew annually and obtain five CEUs each year.  Noncommercial applicators must renew annually and obtain five CEUs each year.