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Upcoming Webinars

2019 Texas Range Webinar Series

January 3 – (1 IPM CEU) – Prickly Pear Management, James Jackson, Extension Program Specialist

Prickly pear is a common invasive plant on rangelands throughout Texas, this plant limits forage growth and forage access for livestock and wildlife on Texas Rangelands. This webinar will discuss various prickly pear management methods in preparation for the 2019 prickly pear spray season.

February 7 – Troublesome Mustards in Texas, Dr. Barron Rector, Extension Range Specialist

The Brassicaceae or Mustard Family is the sixth largest family of plants in Texas with 46 genera and 123 species. Many are introduced annuals, such as the bastard cabbage, Rapistrum rugosum.  This webinar will help you learn to identify plants in this group and their value on your land.

March 7 – (1 General CEU) Preparing for Brush Herbicide Treatments, Dr. Bob Lyons, Extension Range Specialist

Equipment, timing, and application method can drastically vary the effectiveness of brush herbicide treatments.  This webinar will cover the basics of how and what to look for before heading to the field to treat brush this season.

April 4 – Saving Family Lands: Challenges and Opportunities for Working Lands in Texas, Ken Cearley, Texas Land Trust

Texas is losing rural land at a faster rate than any other state.  With over 1 million acres of working lands having been lost between 1997 and 2012, many landowners are seeking a means to protect their land from a similar fate.  This presentation will begin with an overview of current land trends in Texas using data compiled by Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute’s Texas Land Trends Study, and will suggest the use of agricultural conservation easements for facilitating permanent protection of working lands and their associated legacies.  Options associated with conservation easements and the processes involved with their development and implementation will be discussed in detail.

May 2 – (1 IPM CEU) Ranching Apps for Tablets and Smartphones, Bryan Davis, Wilson County Extension Agent

As the popularity of smartphones and tablets rise, so do the number of applications available to use with them – but which are really helpful for ranching purposes?  This webinar will cover a variety of apps, where to find them, the basics of how they work, and how you might be able to apply them to your current ranching activities.

June 6 – Topic of his choice, David Anderson, Extension Economist

July 11 – (1 Laws and Regs CEU) – Texas Pesticide Laws and Regs, Dr. Mark Matocha, Extension Specialist

This webinar will cover state and federal laws that impact private, commercial, and noncommercial licensed applicators.

August 1 – How Grasses Grow, Dr. Morgan Russell, Extension Range Specialist

Nearly every single native, perennial grass species reproduces through vegetative reproduction, or from belowground buds.  This webinar will help you enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of grass development strategies and how potential aboveground disturbances can promote or hinder future vegetative production.

September 5 – (1 IPM CEU) Selection and Management of Introduced and Native Grasses, Dr. Jamie Foster, AgriLife Research

Selection of the most adapted grass for your climate and soil is the first step to successfully establish a pasture.  Proper management during planting, establishment, and beyond are crucial for pasture persistence and productivity.  This webinar reviews options for introduced and native species and their management for pasture renovation and maintenance, including the use of herbicides.

October 3 – Geology: Understanding Soils, Rocks and Vegetation, Dr. James Ward, Angelo State University

November 7 – Last Chance CEU Webinars, Pete Flores

Are you in need of more Pesticide Applicator CEUs?  Private applicators need 15 CEU’s every 3 years and 10 of these can come from recorded online courses.  We will be opening up 5 courses (1 CEU each) for Registration and CEU credit during the month of November.  The cost is $10 per CEU and certificates will be issued by mid-December.

December 5 – Drone Use on Ranches, Dr. Megan Clayton, Extension Range Specialist

Drones have become popular for both recreational and commercial use, but how could you most effectively use them for your ranching operation? This webinar will cover different types of drones for sale, features to look for, and rules you must follow depending on your situation and purpose.